Voodoo in Benin : A blessing or a curse ?

Par l'auteurKarim Okanla

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In understanding Voodoo, it is important to know what Voodoo is not. It is not black magic, juju, witchcraft or sorcery. It is, in fact, a complex religion, practiced worldwide by tens of millions of people. It has an oral history spanning hundreds of years, and a loosely organized priesthood.

The word Voodoo can be traced to “vodu”, which in the language of the Fon people of Benin means “spirit”. There are hundreds of spirits in the Voodoo Pantheon, representing either figures from the past or elements from the natural world. These spirits can be found in everything, from trees and rivers, to the living and the dead, and can be summoned by Voodoo priests for good or for evil. It is believed that when invoked, these spirits descend to Earth to possess a worshipper, using his or her voice to chastise and advise the people.




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